Accu’t batteries deliver flexible and on demand power when the grid holds you back

Battery energy storage is a crucial part of our energy transition, balancing renewable power sources with energy demand. Accu't batteries are powerful storage systems with one of the highest energy densities in the field, which makes them easy to implement everywhere. Rent our batteries now!

On demand power

Implementing a battery in your local energy systems gives you the freedom to continue doing business as you see fit, free from any grid limitations

Full service

Your utilities need to work for you, not the other way around. We take care of everything so you can focus on growing your business


We use battery packs that have already served a life in an electric vehicle. Today's EVs are tomorrow's solution for net congestion and power shortages


Keep growing with our flexible power solutions

Entrepreneurs are ready for sustainable growth through electrification and switching to renewable power sources, but are limited by grid capacity. Accu’t batteries empower your business by facilitating the electrification of crucial elements, paving the way for a sustainable future:

  • Electification of heating and business processes
  • Transition your vehicle fleet and power charging infrastructure
  • Incorporate renewable power sources locally
  • Unrestricted business expansion, no more grid limitations

Sustainable, quiet, and clean construction sites

The construction sector is rapidly electrifying. Quickly charging construction equipment and transportation vehicles in locations with limited or no grid connection can be challenging! Battery packs offer a solution and are highly suitable for:

  • Peak shaving on an existing (small) grid connection.
  • Peak shaving on a generator when there’s no other option, resulting in 60% or more diesel savings.
  • Operating in island mode: charging elsewhere with sustainable energy and delivering it to the construction site.

Achieve a quiet construction site, free from CO2 and nitrogen oxide emissions. Moreover, Accu’t batteries are fully circular, providing an even greater competitive advantage in (semi)government tenders.


Our experts support you throughout the entire process

We take care of everything so you can focus on growing your business. Our team of experts will get in touch with you for a feasability and design study.

  • Technical planning and on-site advice
  • Professional transport and installation
  • Remote Monitoring and Operating System
  • 24/7 Support

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Our batteries are among the best-performing systems available

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Capacity: 360 kWh
Size: 1,2 X 2,8 X 1,95 m.
Power: 160 kW (constant), 200 kW (peaks)
Weight: 4.500 kg
Output: CEE (16A - 125A) Powerlock
Chemistry: NMC

Second-Life EV Batteries

With Accu’t we aim to solve net congestion challenges for companies that want to go greener. However we do not want to do this with new battery modules and their huge environmental impact in the manufacturing phase. We use battery packs that have already served a life in an electric vehicle.

  • EV batteries
    • Are considered unfit for the range-oriented car indusrty after degrading by 10% – 20%
  • Surplus of used batteries
    • In 2022, 14% of all new cars sold globbally were electric vehicles

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