We are strong advocates for sustainability as our planet and environment are important to us.

That is why we will only work with sustainable brands and suppliers.

Batteries are a crucial part of the global energy transition, but we can’t be blind for the impact battery production has.

We want to eliminate waste as much as technically possible and get the most out of battery lifespan. We will reuse discarded car batteries and give them a second life in out Accu’t Battery Energy Storage Systems.


The Team

Bas van den Brenk

Nick Dessens

Michaël Krens




We have been working together on and in the energy transition since 2011. We feel a strong passion for helping SME entrepreneurs  with the sustainable growth of their companies. Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we have always been advocates for the direct costs benefits sustainability has for your business.

With Accu’t, we aim to provide your company with flexible power solutions, when the grid threatens to put you to a stop.


How we work video