Battery Energy Storage

Battery energy storage is a crucial part of our energy transition, balancing renewable power sources with energy demand.

Implementing a battery in your local energy systems gives you the freedom to continue doing business as you see fit, free from what any grid operator can or cannot do for you. Batteries are a crucial part of our energy transition.


Battery production

But the life cycle analysis of the battery itself has room for improvement. Mining materials and premature recycling of used batteries produce environmental impact of their own.



Second Life

All the while, in 2022 14% of all new cars sold globbally were electric vehicles. After 5 to 8 years the batteries of these vehicles have degrated to 90% – 80%, making their capacity insufficient for the range oriented car industry. Already there is a surplus of used car batteries and undercapacity at recycling plants.

The solution for net congestion and flexible power needs is driving on the worlds roads as we speak.

Battery Production

All of our units are fitted with battery modules of up to 6 electric vehicles. They are designed for mobile and off-grid applications.

Accu’t battery containers stand out for their high energy density. With convenient size and high power output they make the ideal mobile energy storage system.

Our repurposed battery packs are only released by car manafuctorers after they have gone through rigourous testing cycles, insuring safety and reliable power output.

A completely circular approach to sustainable, quiet and reliable power solutions. By combining Accu’t battery modules we can guarantee over 1 MW of power wherever and whenever you need it.